Afghanistan Agribusiness Activity Project Breif

Location: Kabul-Afghanistan

Duration: 06 months (Oct 2016– March 2017)

Client: The World Bank

Total Staff no: 12

The Project intends to cover all the underlying causes of the following World Bank Group presumed constraints and the other uncovered issues that the target firm would be willing to share with. Interview was conducted to establish the following:

- Understanding of political and security uncertainty impacts on general investment environment as well as agribusiness

- Investigating access to finance such as investment in farming, trading infrastructure and processing of horticulture produces

- Evaluating underlying causes of periodical border closures and delays, which negatively affect horticulture produces exports to Pakistan

- Investigating underlying causes of horticulture produces smuggling, if applicable

- Evaluating tax impacts on horticulture produces exports. In addition, illegal taxation for both the Afghan government officials as well as the opposition groups need to be taken into account i.e. where in the value chains and how much is paid.

- Understanding of corruption impacts on horticulture produces and general investment

- Exploring various layers of logistical constraints faced by business firms involved in horticulture

- Examining access to transport and its associated cost, which impact horticulture business

- Inquiring the electricity cost, reliability, and access and preference methods for sorting and grading horticulture produces process by human labour vs. machinery

- Exploring all the constraints in relation to obtaining various types of certificates such phytosanitary and quality

- Understanding the constraints of licensing if any

- Understanding of laws and regulations if they affect horticulture business

- Examining the underlying causes of unwillingness for a joint partnership between the farmers and the wholesalers.