Our Best Services

Public Policy

International entities, national governments and independent agencies need the best data and evidence to develop impactful public policy and regulations that deliver sustainable economic value.

Apex2’s Public Policy experts work with clients to:

• Identify policy challenges and their root cause

• Design transformational policy options and appraise their costs and benefits

• Deliver successful implementation strategies

• Monitor and evaluate achievements, so as to secure on-going continuous improvement

With teams of highly professional and qualified consultants who have extensive experience in international development and possess a deep understanding of public sector economic and social development objectives and interests work across all aspects of public policy including healthcare, social welfare, internal affairs, crime, and industry regulation.

Our expertise includes:

• Public sector reform and management

• Good governance and compliance: economic as well as social and environmental

• Researching industry issues and challenges which are impacted by government action or inaction

• Assessing the economic and social impact of regulation

Agriculture and Agribusiness

We offer agricultural consulting and agribusiness service solutions that merge sound agronomic principles with economic business objectives. We focus on maximizing our clients’ rate of return consistent with cost-effective/sustainable agronomic practices.

• Recommending best-use scenarios for land use

• Strategic business planning, project feasibility and implementation

• Enhancing crop yield and quality through cost-effective crop management and production programs with GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) and Integrated Crop Management

• Increasing customer's ROI (Return on Investment) through crop optimization programs of ongoing remedial treatments and mitigation strategies

• Facilitating links to consumer markets

Legal Advisory

We offer comprehensive legal advisory services at all stages of execution of the business strategies, with particular emphasis on corporate and commercial law, general competition law, intellectual and industrial property law and labour law.

Apex2 Legal Team provides services in the following areas:

• corporate law support to companies

• drawing up commercial contracts in domestic and international business transactions

• providing legal services in all aspects of real estate transactions

• providing legal assistance in all areas of national and international competition law

• protecting industrial and intellectual property rights and copyrights

• providing assistance in matters involving individual and collective labour law, including restructuring and labour disputes

Business Transformation

We recognize the substantial transformation benefits of operating efficiently and effectively, achieving competitive advantage. With our guidance, our clients will be able to maximize their business transformation value – from strategy to execution.

Armed with insight from our past experiences, our consultants have the know-how to quickly assess your current performance and the expertise to accelerate your journey to operational excellence. We can support your organization in all facets of business transformation, including:

• Developing quantitative and qualitative process metrics

• Redesigning and optimizing critical business processes

• Leveraging enablement technologies

• Managing business process change

• Conducting root cause analyses

Financial Advisory

From due diligence, valuations and litigation support to restructuring underperforming institutions, we offer vendors, purchasers and financiers all the necessary skills and expertise to serve every aspect of their transactions.

Tailored services, technical excellence, confidentiality and ethical behaviour build the relationships we share with our clients.

• Corporate finance

• Project finance and financial modelling services

• Due Diligence

• Valuation

• Forensic, litigation and arbitration

• Business Restructuring

• Tax Services


Outsourcing is too often driven by cost reduction, which generates fear among the employees. This means that a wrong sourcing strategy that doesn’t include employees and their expertise is doomed to failure.

Having the right advisor at your side is critical for avoiding this. Apex2Consulting is a valued partner in building successful outsourcing strategies by efficiently managing all process phases and streamlining internal processes for a successful transition. We provide a head-to-tail service, managing the process from the first idea to the delivery management, taking care of the entire value chain.

We offer specialized services in assisting big and successful organizations in bringing critical services outside of the organization wall, thus increasing their efficiency, significantly reducing costs, improving deliverable quality and managing risk.

• Outsourcing advisory

• Business planning, case scenarios and cost assessments

• Interim management

• Training and coaching

• Human Resource Management

• Procurement

• Finance

• Readiness assessments

• Full governance management

• Transition and change management

• Strategy optimization

• Marketing

• Sales

• Information Technology

Training & Facilitation

We strive to develop and transfer knowledge and expertise to support sound management and sustainable development. Drawing on experience from previous projects we employ a range of techniques.

We partner with local and international organizations and specialize in management and leadership training services including:

• Needs assessment to identify strengths and areas for improvement

• Planning capacity building and training to meet development goals

• Institutional development through improvements to management structures, processes, and procedures

• Human resource development, through training and mentoring

• Knowledge management

• Application of technology to support capacity building and training

• Project reviews and assessment


We have strong competencies of applied research in a range of program areas including health, livelihood development, human rights, governance, organizational strengthening, and social development.

Results of our survey and research are used to design development projects, form policies and assess impacts. We conduct baseline survey, impact study, perception survey, organization survey, service utilization survey etc. for development programs and organizations. We use cutting edge research methodologies including sample survey, complete enumeration, PRA, FGD and appreciative enquiry, and apply social and statistical tools.