TA Capacity Building

Location: Kabul-Afghanistan

Duration: 36 months (November 2013– October 2016)

Client: DFID

Total Staff no: 70

This project aims to develop the capacity of the MoCI to fulfil its mandate of supporting private sector led growth in Afghanistan. In this section, client’s recent reforms and their aims and objectives in engaging Afghan businesses and partner ministries to develop and deliver improvements to the business operating environment are explored.

We propose to use this work stream to support MoCI in its on-going efforts to develop, manage and implement legislative, regulatory and policy reforms in support of private sector growth. MoCI does not have a singular function that is easy to explain in the same way the Ministry of Finance (“budgets and revenue”) or the Ministry of Education (“schools and universities”) does. Instead, MoCI provides diverse and ever-changing backstage support to the private sector, shaping the environment in which businesses operate through legislative, regulatory and policy reform. This is a more intangible area to work in - one that requires processes for structured thinking, a capacity for evidence-based policy making and a commitment to implementing reform. MoCI has worked to define policy in a number of key areas over the last five years, with support from DFID’s current programme of TA.

The focus now is on progressing these policies through higher-level GIRoA bodies, and embedding the ability to identify future reforms within MoCI. The work stream is therefore focused on both supporting the structures, processes and skills required to undertake policy work, as well as targeting specific reform areas for support.

Targeted research and comparative analysis was conducted to ensure that the GDPSD develops the skills with which to conduct and analyse research to inform policy

- Recommendations geared towards improving internal policy systems and processes to support MoCI in identifying, prioritizing and managing legislative, regulatory and policy reforms under the GDPSD were established.